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Laura Lane

Inexplicably Inspired

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Meet Laura

Laura Lane is an inspired, loving, spiritual growth and development expert who has touched thousands through her powerful stories of resiliency and strength. She helps individuals find Hope, Strength and Courage in their most difficult times through her individual coaching programs, seminars and retreats.After losing her own daughter to cancer, Laura Lane's first non-fiction book “Two Mothers One Prayer” was coauthored with another mother, Laurie Nersten, to help parents of children with cancer. Learn more here

Learn to Live an Inspired Life

Laura Lane speaks to audiences who are going through life changes, struggles or transitions, who are looking for greater peace and perspective, who desire greater spirituality and healing in life especially after experiencing tragedy.

“Having spent the last 3 decades establishing myself as an expert on Mental Toughness, I am amazed and awed by the (spiritual) strength and resiliency Laura has developed while overcoming the most heart wrenching losses in her life. The wisdom and insight she shares will touch the hearts of audiences around the world.” Steve Seibold

Laura works with individuals and small groups who desire help closing the gap from where they are to where they want to be, who want to begin living an inspired life to love more fully, leading them from surviving to thriving, from struggle to success.

“I love Laura. She is a beauty inside and out. I am so proud of her and all she is doing in the world . You are going to love working with Laura and hearing her inspiring passionate story. She will touch your heart just as she has touched mine." Janet Attwood

Laura helps her clients gain greater peace and perspective, find the courage and hope necessary to overcome obstacles in their lives, believe in a grander version of themselves, create dramatic changes in their results, gain greater clarity and insight, and teaches them that it is possible to be stronger than any circumstances.

“I am so impressed by Laura’s remarkable capacity to love and trust God through every hardship she has overcome. Here is a valiant mother, an inspired sweet soul, full of incredible insights who has been willing to dedicate her life to sharing the inspired wisdom she has learned on her life’s path to breathe new life into those around her, blazing a trail for others to follow in their quest for spiritual strength and peace.” Kevin Hall

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Books | by Laura Lane

Two Mothers One Prayer

Facing your Child’s Cancer with Hope, Strength and Courage brings us into the touching world of Childhood cancer. Told from the perspective of two caring mothers who share their intimate conversations as they care for their young daughters. Sharing what it takes to cope during such difficult times. You will be inspired and amazed by their strength and love.

I am the Wind

An Illustrated Children's book created from Laura Lane's award winning poem 'I am the Wind'. Learn about one of the four Elements, Air from the words of the Wind himself. Beautifully illustrated by artist Jeannette Tossounian.

ART | by Laura Lane

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