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Laura Lane

Inexplicably Inspired

“No matter your circumstance,
there is hope, strength,
and courage to be found.”
Laura Lane

Laura Lane is an extraordinary, loving and inspiring woman. I’m delighted to mentor and support her on her journey. Her profound message of hope will help grieving parents everywhere!
Marci Schimoff, Professional Speaker, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author,

Laura Lane is an expert in spiritual strength. She has the experience, knowledge and calling to be not just a teacher of information but a guide in leading others to themselves. Helping people navigate their own spiritual journey.
Kevin Bolibruck, Retired Professional Hockey Player

Laura Lane is an amazing woman with an incredibly resilient spirit who has the ability to captivate any audience, no matter the size. Laura's story of love for her daughter through one of life's most heart rending experiences will inspire your audience and help them step into a new, more positive way to deal with the challenges in their own lives. Her message of hope, strengthen and courage is one that everyone needs. I hope you'll grab the chance to have Laura speak to your members.
Chris Attwood, Co-author of the NY Times Bestsellers. "The Passion Test" and "Your Hidden Riches Founder and CEO, The Beyul Club & Resorts

Laura Lane’s most recent book “Two Mothers One Prayer” a memoir and guide to parents of children diagnosed with cancer, has been voted one of the Best Indies Books of 2015, Awesome Indies Seal of Approval and featured on the Spirited Woman Top 12 Holiday Book List, New Year’s Top 12 Book List and Spring Top 12 Book List.

Laura Lane is a spiritual growth and development expert who really believes that gaining peace in life is all about developing a divinely inspired perspective. She believes that the way you grow spiritually is by being more open to your divine source and seeing others as God sees them. She’s on a total mission to inspire more people to find hope, spiritual strength and courage through difficult life circumstances.

Laura has touched thousands through her powerful stories of resiliency and strength. Laura Lane is an expert on finding peace and divine perspective especially during the most difficult life circumstances. She shares the inspired wisdom she has gained after losing her mother and sister in a car accident then losing her own daughter to cancer. She inspires audiences how to rise above life’s struggles and face each day with Hope, Strength and Courage.


Laura is a truly gifted facilitator. With careful, consistent inquiry she helped me go from a vague notion to a clear, focused vision of what my life can and will be.
Jan Williams

Laura is phenomenally gifted in guiding a person through to deeper clarity. After working with her through The Passion Test even as a facilitator myself, I have much more clarity about what is most important to me. The results are a more focused and a richer and fulfilling life!!
Ellen Mann

In the very first session, Laura infused a sense of clarity and positive energy.
Her energy is just infectious. She has great attention to detail, has a great ability to keep people on track, is able to get the most out of people and shows them a way forward.
I have seen dramatic changes in my results, from better relationships to increased clientele.
Laura is extremely passionate about her work. Every session with her was better than the last and every time it was a breakthrough moment. She is an expert on human potential development and her work with people from different backgrounds marks her out as the one to watch out in the field of personal and professional development.
Ghurair Shaikh

See, Feel & Know all that God has in store for you!

The first time I asked the question “Why am I here? What does God want me to do with my life?” I was 9 years old. I knew God wanted me to live for a reason. I was the only one to survive a terrible car accident that killed both my mother and my 7 year old sister.

It was the beginning of my life's journey to discover a divine perspective to my life. As I began to SEE His plan for me, FEEL His love for me and KNOW that everything would be provided so that I could succeed, only then was my life infused with a deep sense of peace and trust. It was the beginning of my quest to understand what true faith is and learn how to develop a lasting spiritual connection, how to live an inspired life.

The greatest and most beautiful lesson, that I have learned and desire to share with everyone I meet, is learning how to see everyone as God sees them and treat them accordingly. Learning to Love and Learning to Give. I have been given so many precious pearls of wisdom, I have been Inexplicably Inspired and my mission is to share that inspired wisdom to help others grow and develop spiritually, so that they too can live an inspired life to love more fully.


Working through a coaching program with Laura has truly been a mind-opening experience! Laura's intuition is very sharp and I found her particularly skilled at identifying my blind spots. Through her unique perception and guidance, she steered me in a direction that led me to believe in a grander version of myself and as a result, reap results which I did not believe were possible. I am deeply grateful to Laura. She has taught me that it is really possible to be stronger than any circumstance.
Lorie Gannon

I wish to thank you Laura so much for listening to and validating my story. The pain of your story validates for me the joy of what life brings when one meets someone as beautiful as you.

Laura Lane is a professional and compassionate coach, not only trained to facilitate the transformation people are looking for in their lives, but also a wonderful example of living her life purpose. She is clearly gifted as a coach and has helped me clarify my priorities…being an insightful, dedicated catalyst in directing me on my journey to fulfill my life purpose.
Michelle Cormack

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“Hope is when we have a beautiful vision of something and a positive emotion to go along with it. When our world comes crashing down, when we are trapped in a deep, dark, despairing hopelessness, we need a bigger perspective. Hope comes when we reflect on all that we hold dear and true, when we acknowledge a higher power, when we acknowledge God in our lives and begin to see what He has planned for our lives."
Laura Lane