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Laura Lane. Laura is an inspired, loving, spiritual growth and development expert who has touched thousands through her powerful stories of resiliency and strength. She helps individuals find Hope, Strength and Courage in their most difficult times through her individual coaching programs, seminars and retreats.After losing her own daughter to cancer, Laura Lane's first non-fiction book “Two Mothers One Prayer” was coauthored with another mother, Laurie Nersten, to help parents of children with cancer. Learn more here

About the Summit

This September we have put together a free virtual event called "Hope and Happiness for Cancer Kids". It's all about supporting parents of children diagnosed with cancer.

If you have been thrown into the turbulent world of Childhood Cancer, you don't want to miss this event.

It begins September 12th and you can participate from anywhere in the world!

Fill out the form above to reserve your seat.

I'm sure you are overwhelmed by everything going on with your child right now, but there are a few reasons that attending this one should be your top priority.

• It's FREE. You are going to hear from 20 experts in the fields of medicine, psychology, personal growth and development who are willing to share what it takes to get the best care possible for your child and how to create happy memories together. But rather than paying the thousands of dollars that it might cost to work with them, you are hearing it all for free. Practical tools, tips and strategies!

• These interviews aren't the usual format of people just telling their stories. This is the only event I have seen that's providing actual tips specifically for parents of children diagnosed with cancer that you can implement immediately, including the how to stay positive even when you feel like your whole world is falling apart!

• There's a great chance you'll get an answer you've been waiting for. The challenges are different for all of us. Some of us struggle with asking for help, others with finding happy times during the treatments and we all battle the fears of losing our child and questioning our own parenting abilities during such a stressful time. This diverse panel is going to speak about all of these things and offer their strategies for getting the best care possible for both you and your child.

• You're a good parent. You know you just want the best for your child and you're tired of feeling alone, tired of having to keep up appearances that everything is going to be okay when you don’t know if your world is ever going to be okay and normal again, you just want to scream and make cancer go away, to leave your family alone. You don't have to figure it all out on your own. Sign up, and learn from the people who have blazed the trail for you!

It's time to stop struggling on your own and instead learn some simple strategies that will make coping with cancer easier for both you, your child and your family.

It's time to create a new support system of resources that can make each day happier, healthier and more hopeful.

Sign up and take these 2 weeks to refresh your own emotional, mental and spiritual batteries so that you can better support your child, your spouse and family member and friends during these difficult days, weeks, months and years of dealing with childhood cancer!

Smart parents make decisions quickly and take advantage of valuable resources as soon as they can.

Register above.

Life is short. Don't sit by hoping that someday it all gets easier. You know that your child needs you at your strongest, most positive and hopeful self right now. You are doing this for them. Don't keep them waiting any longer.

Join us for this inspiring event.