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Posted by on January 6, 2016

When you allow yourself to be loved it transforms you.​

Everything is made of energy. Our bodies are made of energy. The physical, it is simply the most dense form of energy and as it becomes less dense it goes through different levels or becomes lighter, from physical to emotional to mental to spiritual. Spiritual is the lightest, thus the term enlightenment.

We have a choice on what level we react to and interact with the world around us. We can choose to act on a base physical level, surviving on instinct, lust and addictions. We can choose to react to the world emotionally and be controlled by anger, fear, hatred, jealously and other strong negative emotions. We can choose look at the world solely from a mental, intellectual level based completely on reason or we can attain the level of the spiritual and live and express love, peace and gratitude.

We can allow love to permeate our whole body. When we root ourselves so that we are experiencing love on all levels, feeling it in our body- heart, accepting love, surrounded by love and generating love, when we are giving as well as receiving at the same time, then we are connected to God, connected to all God wants to give us. That is the meaning of “Being One,” being one with God and everything and everyone around us.

That should be the focus of meditation to start every day. Then go out in the world ready to be a conduit: receiving and giving. Ready to receive love, abundance and guidance, ready to give love, abundance and guidance knowing you are connected to a constant supply. It’s important to remember that we can’t give something until we have fully received it ourselves whether it is gratitude, love, abundance, wisdom and knowledge.

When I can fully receive what my Heavenly Father is giving me, accept, embrace His love, abundance, gratitude, guidance, wisdom then He will send me out to share more and more with the world.

When you love something or someone it transforms it or them. When you allow yourself to be loved it transforms you.

Love Heals All. Radiate Love. Charity. Agape. To see someone as God sees them. God is never offended. The pure love of Christ. Charity never faileth.​

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