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Posted by on July 1, 2015

What if you knew God had a special purpose for you?​

God intended to create you, specifically you, your unique combinations of frailties and strength. He lovingly made you to come forth at a specific time for a specific purpose.

He needed your talents, your uniqueness to love and inspire those around you. He thought about your time in history, in the world, in your unique environment and created you in order to bless and help those other spirits around you. You were created in a loving manner to love and be loved in a unique time and place.

I am so grateful to be able to see and feel the love Heavenly Father and Mother’s love for me when I was created in spirit. That He created me to be loving and compassionate, to be strong and creative and intelligent for the exact circumstances He saw in the world today. He knew the world would need my mixture of frailties and strengths. He knew the world would need a daughter who could teach them how to love again, how to reconnect with Him again, who would bring love and healing to everyone around her.

Heavenly Father, you blessed me with so much love, wisdom and insight. Why don’t others have these gifts or desire to have them?

Because they have other gifts and talents and purposes. Laura these are yours to help you fulfill your unique purpose her on earth.​

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