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Posted by on February 10, 2016

This last weekend, as I attended Kevin Hall’s Genshai Life Mastery Retreat, he gave us an assignment to find a quiet spot, to think about and answer a series of questions.  I wandered away from the group, found a hammock to sit in, next to water feature, in view of the main path. Even though I felt that these should be easy questions to answer I was struggling. I felt uncomfortable. Something wasn’t right. I kept asking “Why can’t I do this?, Why am I struggling? What’s wrong?” Then an unmistakable prompting or answer came to me. “You are in the wrong spot!” I needed to be somewhere else. I got up and headed towards an area I had forgotten that I had visited last year. A quiet spot with a waterfall and stream, tucked away behind a building. This time as I sat down and contemplated again, I asked the question “How do I learn to receive?” I have learned how to very bold ask for what i need but many times struggle with how to receive openly the things I desire. Then these words came to me:

Allow yourself to be carried
Down the stream of life
Lay back and float in the abundance
Trust the abundance
Allow the stream
To bring to you what you need

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